Service Process
High quality Design of medical device for our customers with RP.
2.i-Cloud Service
Digital Cloud of Reverse Engineering Image overcome area limited of customers service.
3.SOP Quantification
Processing Capacity of SOP can easy to achieve unlimited duplication.
Advanced processing(SLM+CNC) can achieve Ra=2μm of products.
5.Zero Inventory
Additive processing, non-pressure for zero inventory of mold, and the lower cost of product inventory for order.
6.HR Simplification
Automotive processing can high reduce the cost of employee.
7.100% Quality Control
Image feature overlap ratio, the final product QC verification.
8.Commodity High-standardization
Environment of producing and Certification of Quality system with GMP & ISO13485 can supply the valuable brand to customers.
Technical Breakthrough
Selective Laser Melting
SLM process applys the selective laser irradiate the pre-lay metal powder and continously repeats the process of powder laying and laser irradiating, following the work plan to layer into the form as required.
SLM uses laster to heat the powder to reach its melting point and melted completed.
Its advantage is that it can almost reach a 100% consistency.
Additive Processing : 3D Printing Synchronous CNC Processing
❶.Advanced SLM Processing technology made a breakthrough in the limit of processing shaft, it can get close to the curved-surface demand in medical device products.
❷.Degital files have replaced traditional molds that can be repidly transferred into the production molds.
❸.Synchronous CNC Processing can minimize the surface roughness to be 2um.
❹.Customized production precise processing with a production rate of 300PCS per 8-hour.
Advanced Software Design Ability
❶.Processing intergrated with medical device DESIGN software can reduce the demand in manpower and increase the precise of product quality.
❷.As software was designed, it carried out the simulation design of oral occlusion to set the optimal intervention values and the gap values for assembly.
❸.The image restoration engineering was applied to shorten QC personnel's verification schedule and increase the rate of quality products.
Technical Advantage
Selective Laser Melting
Ⓐ:Additive Formation Processing with the advantage of the 3rd Industrial Revolution.
Ⓑ:More flexible processing with the design limitless and flexible possibilities.
Ⓒ:Deep-layer laser melting formation with grarantee of product strength.
Rapid and Precise Design Ability
Ⓐ:Character datamation for multi-curved surface
Ⓑ:Digital colud application. Real-time transtation for images design files in our degital design center.
Ⓒ:Optical image character mapping to be used as the QC investigation for final products.
CNC  Processing
Ⓐ:Combination of SLM and CNC Processing greatly improves the surface precision for general SLM products (Ra≦ 2um).
Ⓑ:Materials originate from the metal powders of Cobalt-Chromium(Co-Cr) (Grain Size 20um)