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Taiwan Innovative Biomedical Co.,Ltd(TIB) persists in the ambition to be the most outstanding medical device supplier, aims for the provision of the most satisfactory medical quality to patients and the decrease in the risk of medical treatment for physicians, and fulfills our obligation as being a good citizen to create a beautiful future for ourselves and the society!


Technical Breakthrough
Accurate medical technology, providing 100% tightness,
mass production rate and improve the yield.

Selective Laser Melting

Additive Processing :
3D Printing Synchronous CNC Processing

Advanced Software Design Ability
3D Printer molding technology to provide patients with customized medical products.
Technical Advantage
Can be customized, high degree of freedom of design,
but also save development costs and surface precision.

Selective Laser Melting

Rapid and Precise Design Ability

CNC Processing